About Anita Griffith

I have been making pottery since 1976, when I began teaching in area crafts centers to support the dream of having a studio of my own.

In the early years, after getting my BFA in studio art, I studied industrial design at a small Kyoto porcelain studio in Japan. Soon after, I began marketing a wholesale line of whimsical ceramic gift ware items to galleries all over the U.S. I enjoyed the challenge of staying home to make lots of work in my studio and shipping it out.

Later, I traveled to the American Southwest to teach and work with American Indian potters within the Pueblos of New Mexico and on the Navajo reservation in Utah. I have also taught majolica tile making in Seville, Spain, and lectured in art/ceramics at Southern Connecticut State University for over 10 years.

Growing up, I lived in 5 different foreign countries. My work reflects the influence of where I have lived, and people I have met.  I make and sell hundreds of pots each year, and am proud to be a self-sustaining artist earning a living from my work.

Newcomb College, Tulane University


About Robert Parrott

As a potter working alone in my studio since 1971, I continue to take daily pleasure in creating functional pottery.  Each piece is carefully designed for a lifetime of use. 

My work is formed on the potter’s wheel, with hand rolled slabs or by extruding hollow and solid forms. The signature landscape pattern in blue or white glaze has endured throughout my career and happily seems to continue to please the public.

All wares are food safe, non- toxic and safe in dishwasher, oven and microwave.

Inspiration comes from the traditional stoneware pottery of the USA, England and Japan. My goal is to create contemporary innovations within an age old tradition. I enjoy the daily work of maintaining a production studio, wearing all the hats from clay mixing to loading and firing, packing and shipping, bookkeeping and of course, making the pots.

All the jobs, including scrubbing the floor, are part of the life of the potter.

University of New Hampshire // US Army